Top Reasons Why You Can Never Play Too Much Bingo

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Bingo has been around for centuries, dating back to as early as the 1500s. Bingo, as we know it, wasn’t always known as such. In 1530, it was known as the Italian lottery, Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. The game traveled from Italy to France, where it became known as Le Lotto. 

Through the years, while the game gained its popularity, experts eventually discovered more benefits. Recent studies even showed that playing Bingo offers specific health benefits. Considering these recent studies on Bingo games, it is safe to say that the more you play Bingo, the better it can positively influence you and your physical and mental health. 

Some benefits that Bingo offers other than money are as follows:

It improves the mental faculties and facilitates learning.

Nowadays, many players are playing Bingo blitz to stay alert and improve their reflexes. Little did they know that they were enjoying more than just sharp eyes and intense focusing skills because sometime in the 1940s, a survey published in The Lancet revealed that playing Bingo was good for your brain. This research showed that participants who played three sessions of Bingo a week for six months had a 50% lower chance of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

It slows down the aging and decline of your physique.

Aside from mental health, playing Bingo games can also improve your physical health. Believe it or not, Bingo is one of the best and easiest forms of physical activity. Plus, the repeated need to call out winning patterns and the excitement that bingo callers get during the game helps build a positive self-image and self-confidence. 

It improves the player’s social health.

Playing face-to-face at Bingo halls is a fun way to get out of the house and meet new people. Even if you do it online via e-Bingo sites, the game promotes social connection and entertainment, making it the perfect match for long-lasting, meaningful interactions with fellow party-goers, or in this case, Bingo players. Plus, it gives people the much-needed social boost, so they feel less alone, and consequently, happier.

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Overall, it’s really easy to see how playing Bingo contributes to improved health. If these benefits piqued your interest in playing Bingo, then hurry up and grab a slot at a nearby Bingo hall. Or, you may opt to go to online Bingo game sites and take your first step to play e-games.

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